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Here at Millies Moss we know that optimal health and wellness is at the forefront of all of our minds. As a matter of trust we are committed to providing you with the highest quality products. Our Sea Moss gels contain 100% wildcrafted and organic sea moss that has been ethically sourced from the caribbean with no harm to marine life. All ingredients used in our gels have been selectively sourced in order to ensure that they are naturally delicious with no added sugar and deliver optimal nutritional benefit to the end user. 

All of our products are made up of 100% recyclable materials.

We also offer FREE delivery on all UK mainland orders.


What is Sea moss?

Sea moss is a sea vegetable grown on the rocks of the ocean also known as Irish moss or Chondrus crispus

Where is your sea moss sourced from?

All of our Sea Moss has been ethically sourced from the Caribbean, primarily from Grenada & Jamaica. Our partners that harvest our Sea Moss are required to comply with strict compliance requirements by their local authority in order to ensure both waters are protected and there is no harm caused to wildlife. Once the harvesting process is complete, the Sea Moss is then naturally dried by the sun throughout the daytime & the moon throughout the night. Upon completion of the drying stage, the Sea Moss is then sent for testing in order to ensure that it is free of impurities such as harmful bacteria before packaging and exporting. 

How long is the gel good for?

Our sea moss gels have a best before of 3 weeks and must be refrigerated upon arrival. Our fruit infused gels have a best before date of 2 weeks.

In order to prelong the life of your gel you can freeze in an ice tray and use as per your desire.

What can I use my Sea moss gel for?

Sea moss gel can be used in various foods such as smoothies, juices, bowls, cakes, sauces and makes a perfect vegan friendly gelatin replacement!

As well as being a food supplement, sea moss has many external benefits for the skin, nails and hair as it can be used as a key ingredient in things such as soaps, facemasks, hair conditioners and skin lotions

What is the difference between Sea Moss gel and raw Sea Moss?

The raw sea moss is untouched and remains in its dried condition. Our sea moss gels have been made with natural spring water, and sea moss in order to create a gel. 

Throughout the whole process no chemicals are added nor preservatives.