About Millies

We are a family owned business with ties to the Caribbean and Africa. Thanks to Millie, Sea moss has been an integral part of our family since the 1970's. She introduced the benefits of Seamoss to us by making the tasty drink Irish moss regularly, which was enjoyed by all! As a family, we aspire to a healthy lifestyle and now wish to share our wonderful experience of Sea moss with you by introducing you to our range of quality sourced products. inspired by Millie.

Thank you for being part of our journey!

Best Sellers

  • Ethically Sourced Sea Moss Gel

    Ethically Sourced

    Our seamoss has been wildcrafted and sun dried. All of our produce has been ethically sourced with no harm to marine life.

  • Handmade Sea Moss Gel in the UK

    Hand Made In The UK

    All of our sea moss gels are made to order. Once your order has been placed the process of producing your gel begins. We assure that you will recieve the freshest gel delivered to your door.

  • Recyclable Packing of Sea Moss Gel

    Recyclable Packaging

    We have made a pledge that we will ensure that all of our packaging is recyclable. Once your product has finished you can simply place the packaging into your recycling bin.

  • Vegan Friendly Sea Moss Gel

    Vegan Friendly

    All products on our website are suitable for vegans.

  • Natural and Organic Sea Moss Gel

    Natural & Organic

    All of our seamoss is wildcrafted and has been handpicked by the most reputable sources. We do not use pool grown seamoss in any of our products.

  • Cruelty Free Sea Moss Gel

    Cruelty Free

    At Millies we do not test any of our products on animals nor use derivatives that have been tested on animals.