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Millie's Moss

Organic Sea Moss Gel Infused With Mango & Passion Fruit - Millie's Moss

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Care Instructions

Sea Moss Gels:
Once received keep refrigerated and consume within 20 days.

(Consume within 6 months if frozen)

Dried Sea Moss:

Store in a cool dried place.


Store in a cool dried place.

Many essential vitamins and minerals, as well as protective antioxidants and Mango Passion Fruit, are found in our Organic Sea Moss. To keep its freshness and strength, the salt is sun-dried. Seaweed is valuable because of its medicinal and aphrodisiac properties. Helps your body achieve peak energy levels, weight loss, and skin health.

The Organic Sea moss is hand-cut in crystal-clear Jamaican water. You can eat it without fear of contamination or chemicals. To speed up the drying process, no chemicals or excessive heat are used. It isn't bleached either.


  • Antioxidants abound in Sea Moss Gel.
  • Also beneficial to the heart, lungs, gut, and immunity.
  • Sea moss is a drawing agent, which means it draws toxins out of your body naturally.


  • Material: Certified Organic
  • Type: Mango Passion Fruit
  • Pattern: Gelly

We use only the finest ingredients so you can enjoy our rich, premium sea moss gel. Our wildcrafted sea moss gel is nutrient-rich and contains vitamins and minerals.