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Millie's Moss

Organic Sea Moss Gel Infused With Blue Spirulina - Millie's Moss

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Care Instructions

Sea Moss Gels:
Once received keep refrigerated and consume within 20 days.

(Consume within 6 months if frozen)

Dried Sea Moss:

Store in a cool dried place.


Store in a cool dried place.

Millie's Blue Spirulina infusion sea moss gel packs a punch as it is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals.

Aside from adding a pop of a natural vibrant blue colour to your endless food creations, Blue spirulina is an extract from the same family as the green spirulina which is an algae that is found in ponds, lakes and waterways. This algae is packed with amino acids which may help with the bodies production of melatonin.

Millie's Blue Spirulina Infused blend contains Sea Moss that has been nourished by the ocean water and naturally dried by the suns rays. During the soaking and cleaning process we only use natural spring water in order to re-hydrate the Sea Moss. 

Here at Millie's Moss we make every single one of our gels fresh to order. We never store any items over-night or premake items anticipating their sale. Your gel is produced and dispatched straight from our production unit upon order and delivered to your doorstep, this ensures that you will always have the freshest and nutrient rich gel.

During the gathering process, all of our produce is required to pass a rigorous testing procedures with strict criteria in order to ensure that they are suitable for consumption and export. Throughout the gathering process, no harm has been caused to marine life. Here at Millie's we believe in protecting both marine life and our oceans. 

Our Blue Spirulina blend contains no added sugars or preservatives, it is a natural vegan friendly thickener and a source of plant-based collagen. Simply add to your favourite smoothies, drinks, soups or sauces for the ultimate blend and enjoy!

     Recommended use: Consume 1 to 2 tbsp a day alongside a balanced diet.

    Dietary: Vegan and Gluten-Free

    Ingredients: 100% Grenadian Sea Moss (Chondrus crispus), Blue Spirulina, Springwater, Lime (Added to water during the soaking process)

    ALLERGEN Warning: This product does not contain shellfish however may not be suitable for those with shellfish allergies.

    Please note: The offer is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease; The offer does not constitute medical advice. The offer is not a substitute for medication or other treatment prescribed by a physician or health care provider. Users should consult a doctor before starting any treatment.