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Millie's Moss

Millie's Energy Booster

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Care Instructions

Sea Moss Gels:
Once received keep refrigerated and consume within 20 days.

(Consume within 6 months if frozen)

Dried Sea Moss:

Store in a cool dried place.


Store in a cool dried place.

Introducing Millie's Energy Booster Bundle - a powerful combination of blue spirulina-infused sea moss gel and blue spirulina capsules, designed to boost your energy levels and enhance your overall wellbeing.

This bundle consists of the following products:

  • 720ML Sea Moss Gel Infused with Blue Spirulina
  • A month's Supply of Blue Spirulina Capsules (60 Count)

This bundle includes a generous 720ml jar of our premium quality sea moss gel infused with blue spirulina, a natural superfood that is rich in antioxidants and nutrients, and a one month supply of blue spirulina capsules. Our sea moss gel is made from the highest quality Irish Sea Moss and infused with blue spirulina, which can help to increase energy levels, support healthy digestion, and enhance skin health.

The blue spirulina capsules provide all the benefits of blue spirulina in an easy-to-take form, perfect for those who are always on the go. Each capsule is packed with essential nutrients, including protein, iron, and B vitamins, which can help to promote healthy energy levels and support overall health and wellbeing.

Millie's Energy Booster Bundle is the perfect choice for anyone looking to increase their energy levels and enhance their overall wellbeing. Order now and enjoy the amazing benefits of blue spirulina-infused sea moss gel and capsules!